Hello Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun

Things to do in Japan

Japan is full of adventures and surprises! It’s a perfect mix of city chaos and tranquillity. Here, I have tried to make a list of things to do and places you shouldn’t miss while in Japan. 

1. Trek to Mt. Fuji

Majestic is the word which defines Mt. Fuji . Its height is a massive 3,776 metres, hence, summing up to be the highest mountain peak of Japan. Each summer over a million people climb to Mt. Fuji which is also an active volcano. Other than being a favourite amongst the mountain climbers, it is a pilgrimage site too. It is named after the Buddhist fire goddess Fuchi, while the shrine of Shinto Goddess Sengen-Sama is found at the summit. 

Make sure you try the famous “black eggs” at the base of Mt. Fuji!

2. Take a walk around the Shibuya Crossing

Apart from being a famous shopping street, The Shibuya Crossing is known to be world’s busiest intersection! One can see thousands of passengers moving in an organized chaos.

3. Stroll by the Rainbow Bridge  

The Rainbow Bridge lights up at night, creating pleasant views that the explorers would love to write about in their travelogues. The wires supporting the bridge have lamps aligned, which are responsible for its colourful appearance. It is also referred as the Tokyo bridge.

4. Shop at Gotemba 

A picture postcard Town situated amidst the hills on the outskirts of Tokyo, Gotemba has the famous Outlet Mall. One of the most beautiful malls I have seen, it’s also a shopper’s paradise. Steal some amazing deals on luxury brands such as Gucci, lv, Burberry at never heard before prices.

5. Get clicked at the Statue of Liberty

Not many people know that Japan has its own Statue of Liberty! Visit the Statue of Liberty, gifted to the Japanese by the French, and fill the poser quotient vibrantly. If you’re a photographer then, you have definitely known your focal point.

6. Experience the Nightlife and Shopping

Tokyo, surprisingly, is bustling with an embellishing nightlife and frenzy shopping experience. The Shibuya City is a famous fashion centre in Japan, where youngsters have ample options to party and have a glam time. Shinjuku in Japan is the busiest railway station in the world. Numerous shops and stores are linked to the Shinjuku station; pushing up the excitement meter.

7. Visit Osaka

Osaka, my favourite city of Japan is also known as Venice of the East. Do take a walk around the Venice-like canal where you can enjoy a ferry ride too. Osaka Castle should be a must visit on your to-do list of Japan.

8. Kyoto

Kyoto is well-known for the classical Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and traditional wooden houses. It was earlier the capital city of Japan; and is also known for the imperial palaces and gardens.

Things not to do in Japan

1. Tipping is considered Rude

Leaving behind some habits works! Yes, you might be generous, but in Japan, the act of being extra sweet could not find the same response. That’s the tipping alert!

2. Avoid using Cabs 

The public transportation system in Japan is efficient and cost-effective. Save your bucks and get a wonderful travelling experience by using public transportation. You must use the Shinkasen bullet train; as a matter of fact, the Indian government has collaborated with Japan, to have a similar train in India as well. Interestingly, there has not been even a single accident in its smooth running for the last 53 years. 

Also, you get to know the culture better as you interact with more and more people while you’re travelling. Someone rightly said, “.. a country is it’s people.” Believe it.

3. Don’t Honk 

Nobody honks in Japan, it’s a country where the practice of discipline is witnessed the best. The idea of peace is always appreciated and it instils a positive response.

4. Maintain decorum/discipline while walking on roads or using the escalator 

The people who want to stand still on the escalator stand to its right side and those who want to climb up the escalator move from the left. The Japanese walk in straight, organised lines. That’s commendable, don’t you think?

5. Forget Bargaining

Japanese do not know the concept of bargaining. It’s a wise decision to let them work their own way.

6. Never be late

The Japanese are one of the most punctual people in the world. Time is money for them! Never be late for a dinner, appointment, reservation, train or bus. It is considered rude and impolite to be late in Japan.

Remember the above points, and you’re all set to relish the beauty and inhale the freshness of Japan, the land of the rising sun.

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  1. Interesting read and picturesque. Are there any tips for pretravel preparation, that would be handy for indian traveller in japan. That might also make blog must read again before travel.

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